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As Head of Leadership 2020, I was responsible for the planning, steering, and execution of one of Daimler AG´s most significant change initiatives. Together with my team, we did things differently from the beginning and broke patterns. The basis of my success was: The development of a bold brand and communication strategy. In a “viral change” approach, we empowered an international network of more than 7,000 internal ambassadors, revolutionizing classic change approaches. With my 40+ team members, a flexible project structure was developed in which more than 200 employees worked on innovation projects. Thus, an innovative business model for culture and leadership has been established. In 2018, Leadership 2020 was awarded the HR Excellence Award for Best Change Management.

After almost 10 years at Daimler, I left the company and founded THE BEAUTIFUL UGLY TRUTH Consulting, a boutique consultancy focused on Future Thinking, Transformation, and Communication.

I am a 38-year-old Swabian. I live in Stuttgart, I am a patchwork dad and enjoy every second with my family. I love to travel and to free ski in the Rockys.


With almost 20 years of experience in human resources and communications I have, in recent years, worked intensively on the emergence and transformation of corporate and leadership culture in the digital age as well as the impact of artificial intelligence on potential development, ways of working, and learning.

These are my focus areas:

  • Transformation Design
  • Communication Strategy and Brand Design
  • Experience and Inspiration Design
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development

Transformation / Change Mangement




Future Thinking