Inspiration as a Service

To inspire and to share my knowledge is my passion. Based on my authentic experiences and my sense for current developments and trends, I tell stories that move and captivate.

Anyone can become a driver for change.

That is what I encourage with simple messages, understandable models and real examples. With a lot of humor, charm and a wink I invite the audience to start with themselves. I get in contact with the audience, connect heads and hearts, take them on a journey and let them experience. Live, directly, on site. No bullshit, no flattering, no painting black. Added value – for immediate action, future thinking, and successful transformations.

Keynote Facts

TARGET GROUP: Management boards, executive boards, advisory boards, business, division and department heads, chief transformation offices, transformation and change teams, executives, employees and customers

OCCASION: Corporate Events // Conferences // Town Halls // Theme Days // Leadership Meetings // Whatever you are planning!

FORMAT: Keynote // Talk // Panel discussions

LANGUAGES: German (native) // English (fluent)

DURATION: 18 min (TED Talk Length) // 30 min // 45 min // 60 min + Q&A if required.


My Keynotes keep evolving. Currently I talk about the following topics:

“I still remember our Board presentation as it was only yesterday. Nervousness, insecurity, and joy, that’s what it felt like back then. The Daimler Board of Directors was on its way to us. One day workshop. Somewhere in Remstal near Stuttgart. No traditional presentation of results. No protocol. No agenda. Crazy shit. But what if they really didn’t appreciate that? In the end, this day was the birth of one of the most extensive cultural transformation of German industrial history. It has changed Daimler, and it has changed me, too.“

What is it about?

The Keynote “From Tradition to Transformation” is the authentic travelogue of a rollercoaster ride between disruptive change management approaches, bold communication and the hard-hitting immunity of change in companies.

After this Keynote you will know:

  • How companies move from tradition to transformation.
  • How you use opportunities today and actively drive Chance – and which fuck-ups you better avoid while doing so.
  • How you arise connectedness and real concern and how transformation becomes a success for everyone
  • What a viral movement is and how you use is to actively set a system in motion.
  • How empowerment, trust, and emotional independence help people grow beyond themselves.

Why Tobias?

With Tobias, you get to know transformation from another side. The real one. Bold examples instead of disruptive bullshit bingo. Authentic experiences instead of reports from an ideal world. He provides simple and understandable explanations of why the world around us is changing so radically. Why we, and the companies we work in, are so hard on change. He motivates and inspires, to go new ways and to see change as an opportunity.

Having been the driving force behind Daimler AG´s Leadership 2020 initiative, Tobias truly knows about the highs and lows of a massive transformation. Now he inspires and motivates executives, employees, and companies around the world by sharing his experiences and the secrets behind one of the most significant corporate transformations in Germany and the automotive industry.

„It soon became clear to me that my team needed a kind of leadership which leaves a lot of room and at the same time gives a lot of orientation. Someone who communicates a lot, explains clearly and provides a purpose. One that creates an agile framework and builds upon permanent feedback and reflection. Quick decisions were at least as important as letting go thinks and providing a sense of security in the total uncertainty. That was quite a job to do.“

What is it about?:

This Keynote is a plea for a new leadership culture. Leadership has never been more crucial than today. And it is being re-designed from scratch. Where a few years ago, clear announcements and success checks produced an agreed result, today they take away the air to breath for creativity and innovation. Those who want to develop individual potential give space and trust, but they also provide orientation. 

After this keynote you will know:

  • Why leadership is changing at all.
  • What skills and attributes the leaders of today need to succeed tomorrow.
  • How leadership changes from an annoying duty to an enrichment.
  • How we manage in an agile way.
  • How communication and feedback become the basis for a unique leadership position.
  • What you can do differently right away.

Why Tobias?

Tobias Ködel is a passionate leader. He knows what he is talking about. Why? Because he’s been there. He has done a lot of successful shit – and gone through his fair share of fuck-ups as well. Also, he has spent his last three years developing, re-shaping and continuously improving the new leadership role at one of the world’s most successful automotive companies allowing him to intensively deal with all facets of leadership. 

His many years of leadership experience in agile international teams make him a sympathetic practitioner and an inspiring uproar.

To activate and use the potential of humans is its purpose. The personal contact with his employees, for him, is the key to the success of the individual and the team. Because people do not remember what you said to them. They do not remember what you did to them. But they will never forget how you made them feel.

“After 2 days of information and experience, I was standing in the auditorium in front of 800 colleagues. The end of the Leadership 2020 Summit was a glimpse away. The Open Mic Live Feedback ran. Who wanted to say something could do that. On the right side of my field of vision, one hand went up. The microphone was passed through. The colleague swallowed and took a deep breath. He was visibly moved. He said, with cracking voice almost in tears. “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last two days. I am with Daimler for over 30 years. I have never experienced and felt anything like this!”

What is it about?

Those who want to change organizations must communicate right. Without you will hit the wall! In his keynote “The magic of communication. And how we use it properly“ Tobias speaks openly and directly about how authentic change communication is the first pattern to break on the way to transformation. After all, how a company communicates is the best and fastest way to understand how the current corporate culture manifests itself. With much clarity, openness, and a lot of courage Tobias speaks about the power of good storytelling.

After the keynote you will know:

  • Why communication is the most crucial component of change and is collaterally underestimated.
  • How change communication works and how companies reach their employees.
  • How authentic and sustainable movements and communities emerge.
  • How headwinds and shitstorms spur on communication campaigns.
  • How bold campaigns move people and radiate on employer branding, personal brand, and brand image.
  • What courage means and how bold ideas prevail to make your transformations hit the roof. 

Why Tobias?

Tobias is a communication nerd. A DJ-mixing console was high on the wish list for his 12th birthday. Two weeks later, the first radio show was recorded in his children’s room. At the age of 19, he developed communication strategies and concepts in a PR and marketing agency. Three years later, he was live „on air“ for the first time in a live radio show. At Daimler, he worked intensively on setting up the CEO Image of Dieter Zetsche. With 5 years of experience in corporate communications, he is washed with all waters. Of course, Leadership 2020 has also been so successful because of its communication and brand strategy. As a funny, crazy and visionary Rebel, Tobias has been searching and finding resonance points in people and organizations for more than 20 years.

“HR like we know it today will not exist in 10 years. The service area will be 90% automated. Business Partners and Competence Centers will be merging into a new service landscape. HR becomes a profit center, trimmed for service and performance. The classic HR employee speaks at least two languages fluently in 10 years — not English or Spanish, but Phyton or Dart. HR is facing a complete repositioning. The unique thing is we can all shape its future.“

Everything is changing. As radically and as fast as never before. The digital tornado also shakes HR departments. In the future, many of the administrative tasks can be supported by or taken over by machines. Already today everybody is screaming for more speed, more agility, and more innovation. A business function which has perfected administration for decades should now suddenly become the driver of change. Better today than tomorrow! All clear! 

After the keynote you will know:

  • How administrators will become designers – and why they are needed!
  • What skills HR needs in the future
  • Why it is so difficult for HR to transform itself
  • What opportunities and challenges transformation brings
  • Which current trends are changing HR departments and how the HR department of the future looks like.

Why Tobias?

In his keynote “From being an administrator to becoming a designer – how digitization is changing HR” Tobias Ködel addresses the dawn in HR departments with a lot of humor and lightness. 

Tobias has worked in HR for many years. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of the HR administration from his own experience. He has developed concepts and formats on how uncoordinated actions turn into sustainable HR innovation. He cleans up with Buzz Words, provokes with bold ideas and provides a clear picture of where HR stands today.